Our Squad

Mr. Tushar Patel

Business Developer

He is a visionary leader with expensive business experience in various business fields and has successful credentials in leading multi-cultural and cross functional teams

Mr. Hardik Raval

CEO ( Junior Scientist)

Who is as a Molecular Geneticist, and he has a 7 years of experience in the field of research and development, he had done very well in his field and doing well too.

Dr. Kandarp Bhatt


Who is a (B.H.M.S) Doctor, MLT heis great empathetic to the concerns of theirpatients. He is very ethical with his principles.He is having experience of 17 years.

Mr. Vipul Chaudhari

Financial Advisor

He is the Financial Advisor, he has more then 10 years experience in this like how to develop the business and financial management. He is very skilful in business and has been a guiding force behind the setups.

Mr. Ronak Raval

DMLT (Technologist)

He is highly experienced and highly educated with huge expertise, he has 10 years of experience. He is also a brilliant Person with kind nature.

Mr. Nitin Chaudhary

Lab Manager

He is highly efficient and highly skilled in managing lab and lab related services. He is also having knowledge in management, he has experience of 5 years.

Mr. Niraj Patel

Marketing and Purchaser

He is all rounder in marketing sector, he is punctual in his work. He is versatile in marketing field, with immense huge experience of 8 years.